Why Choose Us?

      What we can give you ?!

1. Experience (like everyone);)
We however we are fortunate that we now know what we have learned from many years of teachers photo / mentors / enthusiasts / people with passion. Our experience is the sum of them and our experiences. And the best part is that We still learn something new! What may yet surprise us drives us to action.

2. Openness – this is your session – plan what you want.

3. Reliability responsibility and commitment. If we take something we do so at 300%.

4. Professional equipment – (and we still invest in it). We use professional full frame cameras (body and lenses) with this we can catch the best and sharp shots and every picture we make is in full HD resolution.

5. Quality – all our prints are done on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive photo paper. Every single picture that You will get is custom edited and in full HD resolution.

6. Anything you want – Located in good taste and is in the section “Photography”. Because if something is not on the list does not mean that we do not do this. Ask – we will prepare an appropriate valuation.


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